How Can a Website Content Writer Help My Business?

Website content writers are the ones who produce website content for a company. They help the company by providing them with relevant and engaging content for their website. If you want to hire me, shoot me a message. I’d love to chat about your project and resolve your concerns.


The fact is that company owners are too busy operating their companies to write their own blogs. Or they lack the writing talents required to produce high-quality articles. But, Digital marketing is always expanding and changing, and the most essential benefit of working with a website content writing service is consistency. Everyone understands they should be producing high-quality content for their future client or consumer, but few actually do. Your website and blog material must keep up.

We will create a content schedule for your company. This will include information on each scheduled blog article, as well as keywords, meta descriptions, and other critical SEO content information. The content development schedule will include dates for writing drafts as well as publication dates after each blog post.

We’ll keep you on track by collaborating with you.

What is a website content writer ?

A website content writer is a person who writes for websites, blogs, and digital publications. They write about topics on the website such as news, product information, entertainment etc.

The job of a website content writer is not easy. They need to be able to write in different styles and voices and have an eye for detail.

Website content writers are in high demand as they are responsible for creating valuable content with an engaging tone that increases the chances of visitors staying on the site.


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Why is writing for the web unique?

Writing for the web is a unique experience that requires a different skill set than writing for print.

The most important thing about writing for the web is its interactivity. It is an interactive way. It needs to be written in a way that can keep the user engaged and provide them with what they need at their fingertips.

A website content writer should have strong knowledge of SEO, marketing, and digital trends because these are important aspects of their work.


Strategy and content creation

The role of website content writers has evolved over the years as well. Previously, the writers simply wrote blog posts and articles for websites, but now it includes strategy development, design work, and social media management..

We look at what people are saying on social media. How people are looking for the topics we’re covering and how search engines are responding. Additionally, We browse articles on related themes to see what other writers are doing and to ensure that our content is unique.

Relationship with Search Engine Optimization

Finally, as a web writer, I have a very practical relationship with SEO. I’ve developed the skill to find powerful keywords and to think strategically about how phrases should be employed in a content marketing plan. However, it is critical to prioritize building techniques for creating content based on such phrases without openly cramming in essential terms or buzzwords.

Combining SEO and content writing is akin to threading a needle. It needs a gentle, deliberate touch. Furthermore, the responsibility of a content writer does not end after publishing an article. There’s also social media or email promotion to consider, as well as overall marketing performance.

Every piece of material I write on any given day starts with a plan. It’s usually a blend of collaborative talks with clients and independent research, but the objective is the same. Tell a tale that’s interesting for the reader, helpful for the client, and strategically tailored on the web.

A professional content writer is a well-rounded content specialist in many respects, having talents in various content marketing disciplines. That’s how excellent content is created: by connecting SEO, social media, technical research, and other activities to the basic process of putting pen to paper.

Optimized Website Content Writing Packages

Our article writing service focuses on producing high-quality material that is consistent with your brand. Our SEO content creation service will make certain.

We collaborate with your team to generate each SEO-friendly blog piece that speaks to your ideal client or consumer.

When it comes to content writing, the more posts you can make, the more traffic you will receive. Because we recognize that every business is unique, we provide weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly blogging packages. The more you collaborate with us, the greater the value.

$200 per month on a weekly basis

4 x 1000-word handcrafted SEO-optimized blog entries for your website

Monthly – $200 biweekly

2 x 100-word handcrafted SEO-optimized blog entries for your website

$50 per month on a monthly basis

1 × 1000-word personalized SEO-optimized blog for your website


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Packages for Web Content Writing and Website Rewrite

It might be difficult to create your own website content. It is challenging to explain all of your products and services while still addressing the criteria of the search engine.

Shorthand Content Marketing specializes in creating online content that attracts attention and suits your brand. For your ideal client or consumer, we create engaging headlines, clear calls-to-action, and unambiguous advantages. We can also assist you improve your Google ranks by rewriting site titles, meta-descriptions, and other SEO site structure necessities.

If you want expert content writing services for an existing website, we provide a quote based on the scope of the job.

An average fee for a website content assessment and rewriting is $1000 for up to ten pages.

The average cost for new website content authoring is $1800 for up to 15 pages.


One-Time Free Consultation

We provide a one-time free zoom consultation. if you only need a brief assessment of your website and some recommendations for improvement. This consultation includes a complete website assessment for SEO optimization, as well as subject ideas for increased search engine traction and site conversion.

Why Work with a Freelance SEO Website Content Writer?

It’s tempting to believe that writing a blog article or a social media post is simple. After all, anyone can send a text or an email.

Writing website content, on the other hand, is a very other challenge. Experienced website content writers may help you save time while also improving the professionalism of your website. Professional content writers have knowledge in SEO writing, content planning, and keyword research and can insert the appropriate terms into your website or blog piece.

Online content allows you to create trust and brand familiarity with your target audience.

It is not sufficient to just tell people what you do. Your website’s material must pique the interest of your targeted clients and consumers. To make this happen, you must assist them solve their problems and demonstrate how you differ from the competitors.

The twin purpose of content marketing is to increase your online search engine rankings while also building trust with visitors to your website.

We can assist you with both.


Do you have any more queries concerning our Content Writing Service?

Finding a content writing service or a freelance writer is a daunting task.. But the good news is that we’re here to assist you in making the greatest selection for your company.

Shorthand Article Marketing is a California-based content writing firm. Contact us today and we will answer any questions you have and assist you in finding the best content marketing strategy for your company.



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